Further Information

WSC works because of the dedicated and enthusiastic efforts of members and its strong volunteering culture. Without volunteering we would not be able to provide all the opportunities currently on offer and membership subscriptions would be very much higher. The Club’s management, sailing events, committees, facilities maintenance and social activities use a wide range of volunteer talents and skills and so everyone can play their part. Volunteering is actually a great way to become involved in Club life, to make new friends and learn new skills.

For every member who does not contribute, we need to find someone to do more than their share – and that is just not fair. We are talking about everyone doing at least a couple of duties, perhaps locking up for a week or doing 6 bar turns a year. This is additional to the “mandatory” activity support duties that are a condition of registering for Youth Training, Dinghy racing or Cruiser Racing. Some activities like running the Bars or delivering the Spring Series racing each require about a hundred members to be engaged, others like organising a social event only need a couple of helpers.

During interview; we will discuss ways in which you may help the Club by volunteering for duties and by telling us your professional/vocational skills so that we know who we can usefully call on for occasional help in time of need. The Executive Committee will expect new members to commit to volunteering and will take this into account whilst considering your application to join. We will check with you after a year just to make sure that you have found your niche.

Please can all adults within a membership application complete the following professional skills and volunteering information, our duty roster organisers will be in touch.

  • All new members are subject to informal interview. Names of applicants will be posted in the Club for a ten (10) day period prior to consideration by the next monthly Executive Committee Meeting.
  • Payment of the joining fee and first year’s subscription is required as soon as membership is granted.
  • Membership subscriptions and other fees can be paid monthly by arrangement with the Treasurer.
  • Members joining after 1st November will pay the full joining fee but a pro rata subscription.
  • New members are advised that the Club usually has a waiting list for its moorings and for dinghies and tenders in the pounds. Both moorings and pound spaces are allocated on a year on year basis to members on a first served basis. Acceptance of membership does not guarantee access to these facilities immediately on joining. Please discuss your requirements through the Admin Office.
  • Cadet members should usually have a parent(s) who is a member(s), in exceptional circumstances they may be sponsored by another adult member to provide supervision and guidance within the Club.
  • Parents are expected to engage in youth training (e.g. Kippers) for their children, usually within a family membership. Acceptance of a child in a Family membership or as a Cadet member does not guarantee them a place on youth training. This depends on the availability of places.
  • Membership renewal statements are sent to all members in September each year. All subscriptions are due for renewal on the 1st October annually and payment should be made by GoCardless Direct Debit, unless agreed otherwise with the Hon Treasurer. If annual subscriptions are not paid by November 30th, membership will be deemed to have lapsed without further notification.
  • Every member upon election and thereafter is deemed to have notice of and undertakes to comply with the Club’s Rules and Byelaws (Club Rule 26) which can be found at www.warsashsc.org.uk/warsash-sailing-club/rules or a copy obtained from the Club Administrator.
  • The attention of new members is also drawn to the following rules and bylaws:
    • How the Club is structured and operated (Rules 5, 6 and 12);
    • Bringing Visitors into the Club (Rule 24);
    • The RYA racing charter (i.e. good manners, respect and courtesy) applies always within WSC;
    • Consumption of alcohol (Rule 44);
    • Use of Club Jetties (Byelaw 2);
    • Safety (Byelaw 4);
    • The Use of Pounds and Outboard Store (Byelaw 7).