Spring Series & Championship – Official Notice Board

Protest Time Limits

Race dateTo be heard onCape 31IRC 1IRC 2IRC 3J/70SB20
Saturday 15 AprilSunday 16 April190019001900190019001900
Sunday 16 AprilSaturday 22 April190019001900190019001900
Saturday 22 AprilSaturday 22 April17:2617:3217:3418:0018:1818:24
Sunday 23 AprilSunday 23 April15:46:5316:00:0116:11:0816:08:0116:1116:18

List of Protests

Protests will be heard at Warsash Sailing Club and the list of protests are published below. Please ensure there is a representative of each party to the protest available at the sailing club after racing on the day of the hearing.

Sunday 23 AprilNo Protest received within time limit
Saturday 22 April2JAGOMAKO1800 22/4Jago disqualified
1XcapadeJourneyMaker II23/4 immediately after racingXcapade disqualified
1Protest CommitteeXinskaWith Xcapade/JourneyMaker IINo penalty
Sunday 16 AprilNo Protests
Saturday 15 AprilNo Protests
Sunday 2 AprilNo Protests
Sunday 26 MarchNo protests
Sunday 19 MarchNo protests
Sunday 12 MarchNo protests
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