Moorings Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the use of moorings managed by Warsash Sailing Club on behalf of the River Hamble Harbourmaster & Crown Estates

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all holders of a Club mooring.

  1. Agreement to these terms and conditions is a condition of the tenancy of a Club mooring (i.e. as a Club mooring holder). Furthermore, any use of a club mooring by an applicant/mooring holder will be deemed acceptance of the current Terms and Conditions, which are published here on the Club web site.
  2. The period of tenancy is from 1st January to 31st December in each calendar year. If you already have a Club mooring, then a mooring will be automatically allocated to you each year. There is no need to re-apply for it, but you will still need to sign this agreement to comply with the River Hamble Harbourmaster’s insurance declaration.
  3. If you intend to relinquish your mooring at any time, then please note clauses 6, 7 & 8 below.
  4. It is the mooring holder’s responsibility (i.e. not the Club’s) to ensure that the allocated mooring is suitable in depth and length for his boat type, particularly so for swinging moorings, and to regularly inspect the rising parts and ropes and to advise the Club immediately of any defects or wear. If such damage or wear is likely to make the mooring unsuitable, then the Club mooring holder should remove the boat to a safe place.
  5. The Club, through its contractors, services the moorings, carrying out all maintenance and repairs and replacing chains, shackles and lines where appropriate. Should any “consumable” part of the mooring (e.g. pick-up lines) become damaged or lost during a tenancy, then the tenant will normally be invoiced for the cost of replacement.
  6. A minimum of two calendar months’ notice is required should a mooring holder wish to surrender their Club mooring; this notice may be given at any time during the year although there is no refund for rental paid during this notice period. Only if the Club is successful in reallocating said mooring for the surrendered period will the fee for any period after the expiry of the two months’ notice be reimbursed.
  7. The Club is required to pay the annual Ground Rent to the Harbour Authorities and Crown Estate prior to the end of the previous year, so it is imperative that Club mooring holders’ payments are also received by 31st December to secure the following year’s tenancy. Nonpayment by 31st December will be interpreted as the Club mooring holder having given notice and thereby agreeing to vacate the mooring, and to be liable for any rent due for the two-month notice period, except where the mooring is re-let for that period or part of it.
  8. All moorings are let and charged on an annual basis. Only those persons taking up a mooring for the first time will be charged pro-rata for the time remaining in that year. For the avoidance of doubt, those relinquishing a mooring at the end of a year and then applying for a new mooring at partway through the following year will be charged at the full annual rate for the new year. Moorings cannot be used until the rental has been confirmed by WSC accounts as paid.
  9. Where a boat has to be removed from a Club mooring to the Harbourmaster’s visitors’ berth due to non-payment of rent, the Club mooring holder will be responsible for all related charges, including removal and storage of the vessel. Such removal and subsequent storage will be carried out by a professional boat yard at the Club mooring holder’s cost.
  10. Moorings are allocated solely by the Moorings Administrator and subject to continuing availability. The allocation is not confirmed until full payment has been received by the Club.