The clubs has two bars, the downstairs bar is used mainly for club functions whilst the upstairs bar opens regularly, see Opening Hours for times. The operation of the bar and purchase of alcohol is organised by the bar committee whose current chair is Fi Pankhurst, vice chair is David Luetchford email; members of the Committee are: Trish le Voi, Tim Donovan, Pat Buchanan, Jason Foster, Stephanie Stuart & Fiona Gale.

Volunteering for the Bar

We are always looking for members to help with running the bar. This could be as part of the regular lunchtime and evening rota or for special events only. If you enjoy a drink in either of the club bars then you should also be giving some time back behind the bar!

Previous experience is not required and we’ll be very pleased to train you up. If you are already “bar trained” but want a refresher on serving behind the bar  please email and we’ll be happy to pair you up with an “old hand”.

If you’d like to get trained up please email us and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you. Perhaps an early start on Friday evening or a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime?

How to sign up on the WSC Duty Roster

  1. Either Click Here to go to the Members Portal or
    • Click on top right of this page
    • Click on again – top right of the next page
  2. Type in your email and password and click ‘log in’ again
  3. Scroll down to ‘Duty Roster’ and click – you will now see all the duties that you can volunteer for
  4. Use the ‘filter’ to drill down to ‘Bar Duty’ or ‘bar’
  5. Pick your slot and click the light blue ‘volunteer’ button to the right of the slot.
  6. Click on ‘OK’ to confirm.

You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder email. Thank you

Allergy Information

New Regulations, now in force, require that there is a notice clearly visible exhibited, advising that Allergy information for all draft beverages served in the club is available upon request. Notices to this effect are now posted in both bars with a copy of Greene King’s list of all their drinks, near the till, containing details of any allergens.

Although you can give the information verbally there is a legal requirement to be able to provide written evidence if called upon to do so. The Greene King list is the written evidence you can produce. Please ensure the bar copy remains close to the till.

Greene King’s list of allergy & other information