Voluntary Donations for Shore House Development

We offering all members the chance to become a part of the legacy of this significant project by making a voluntary donations to the club. Costs have crept up due to several factors, but mainly the balcony which is costing a lot more than expected. However the end result will be stunning) and we want to avoid commercial borrowing to make up any shortfall.

????? What happens if we do not fund the items below???? some explanation.

The main elements that will require additional funding are:

  • Glass balustrade for the new internal staircase
  • The front entrance to the club – finish the front door and rendering of the flowerbeds
  • New furniture

Any amount can be donated using the button below, but for a donation amount of £500 or more to the project we would like to offer you the chance to have your name displayed on a plaque within the club and become a “WSC 2023 Shore House Development Supporter”.

We have set a provisional target of £50,000 and we appreciate that this is a large amount, but as this project is so significant it would be a shame to have to cut corners.